Grey Tailored Jacket
Grey Tailored Jacket
Grey Tailored Jacket
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    جاكيت رمادي مفصل

    رمز قسيمة استخدام هدية الذكرى السنوية: إيلاني 10
    عمليات السحب لدينا موجودة دولار امريكي
    A fitted waist-cinched charcoal grey jacket suit featuring ruffled sleeves, a buttoned waistcoat, flower corsage. 49% cotton, 29% viscose, 19% fleece wool, 3% elastin, 55%,polyester 46% polyurethane. Dry clean only Styling tip: Bring some fashion flair to the board room with Atos Lombardini's latest fall winter suit. Add a DKNY chiffon scarf to soften the sleek lines and some killer heels to heighten the powerful silhouette. *Colors may vary as per your screen resolution. Product Code: 10140114

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