Sleeveless gold-starred top
Sleeveless gold-starred top
Sleeveless gold-starred top
    أتوس لومبارديني

    بلوزة بدون أكمام بنجمة ذهبية

    رمز قسيمة استخدام هدية الذكرى السنوية: إيلاني 10
    عمليات السحب لدينا موجودة دولار امريكي
    This Atos Lombardini sleeveless top has a round neck, fitted at the top and looser at the bottom, it includes a golden star print at the center of the top . 100% cotton, hand wash only Styling tip: Get top to toe Lombardini chic by teaming with a sleeveless gold-starred T, high-waist black trousers and a belt that doubles up as a stylish necklace looking effortlessly gorgeous. *Colors may vary as per your screen resolution. Product code: 10140005

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